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Background of business visualisation

The potential of business visualisation was first seen during the graduation research of Lars Rengersen at Shell.

SAP thesis

In 2005 he graduated on: 'Increasing SAP success with the help of user participation and user involvement'
Action research into the SAP implementation in Shell ONEgas East offshore

A summary can be downloaded below.

Summary final thesis Lars Rengersen - increasing sap successSummary final thesis Lars Rengersen - increasing sap success (233 kB)

Furthermore, he has written a paper about it for Twente Student Review, published in december 2006. The title of that paper was:

Sustainable software implementations - Using emergent change to increase enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems’ implementation

You can download the paper below:

Article - Sustainable software implementationsArticle - Sustainable software implementations (0,95 MB)

Process schemes for understanding the process

One of the outcomes was that to improve the usefulness and ease of use of SAP process schemes were effective. Explaining the process to end users increased their understanding and importance of the system.

Process visualisation

Next, as part of the award winning SAP improvement team, Monito has developed several graphical representations of the maintenance process. More information on this project can be found at the portfolio and references section.

Motivation and performance increase

Visualising the process performance as closed the learning loop and revealed 'what is in it for me' to use the system. In the end both staff motivation and bottomline performance have increased.


Building on this success, Monito has seen that there are many other opportunities to increase user motivation, process control and performance by business visualisation. Therefore it is now available as a specialised service on it's own.